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Call me a total sap if you want to, but ever since I discovered "wedding films," particularly those on Vimeo, I have been totally hooked!! It takes a lot of love and patience and trust in someone to be ready to marry them and to carry out setting up the entire ceremony. Adding a theme and a film to that, or entrusting some cool friends (like these filmmakers!!) to make you a beautiful reminder of the day takes a bit more, and you can replay the love that was in the air that day over and over again. And make all your friends jealous with it!!!
I really love this one of Nick and Larua's wedding above--they got married somewhere in the Northwest, our in the woods, and went on a fun trek together as well. Sure, they got caught in the rain, but they just look like they're SO in love; I can't help but be a little jealous!!
This is another great example of a cool "non wedding" film. It shows that when you're planning for the big day with someone who you really, truly love and who really fits you, you can have whatever kind of wedding you want! Seriously. This gives me hope that someone will be ready to do some crazy theme wedding with me someday, because the person that I love will probably want to do something just like that!!
This couple also shows their love in a love of ways, but putting together a wedding that is totally themed on something they both love (Minecraft!) and connected through is pretty cool if you ask me.
Anyways, these wedding films are so great. Not only do they give me some cool theme ideas for that very-far-away wedding I hope to have someday, but they also just give me hope that there are some really great loving couples in the world, and I can find one, too.

Which of these three wedding films is your favorite?

the minecraft was really sweet.
The first one had great production value. awesome editing. Felt like a professional music video
@marshalledgar @onesmile the first was my fave too but I also liked the toher two putting their own spin on things
First ones my favorite! They have such agreat time and still look fantastic
Just watched the first video. Gonna have to take a minute and come back and watch the other two. lol