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Bang yongguk (방용국) - AM 4:44: https://youtu.be/1kxbuiAAzzU omgg guys!! You need to see his video. subscribe to his channel and support B.A.P one of the best groups out there being torn because of they agency. Listen to the lyrics!!!! It's so depressing, the beats are so good. support them! What do you guys think about they're situation?
I'm so glad that he's back to releasing music! I've missed all the guys :/
I literally listened to this song, and I couldn't stop crying. Through this song you can see how much pain they are going through.. Such a powerful message. But about their situation, it hurts me that a group with so much talent put in so much hard work and they didn't even get paid a fraction of what they made for TS Entertainment. I hope that B.A.P stays a group (because I don't think I could live without them) but I also want them to treated fairly and be happy as well. Whatever happens, us, Babyz will keep supporting B.A.P till the end.