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This vid has relationships we can all relate to, I think. The "we're sort of together but totally not on the same page" thing, as well as the "we've been together so long we don't know what to do with ourselves" vibe, too.
I mean, what do you do in those situations? It always boils down to this:

A) We're Sort of Together but Totally Not on the Same Page

Someone's expectations are going to have to change, or your'e going to have to split. Either way, it's not happy-happy for everyone, and can be really difficult to work through. What do we do?!

B) We've Been Together so Long We Don't Know What to Do With Ourselves

You're in love. You've been in love for a long time. Things are good but kind of .... stale? No one is ready to push for a higher level of commitment (see: marriage!!) or, only one seems to be on that ship. What do you do?
I don't know about you guys, but I pretty much end up running away in either of these situations. How else do you handle it?
@fallingwater Yeah, but even after years of marriage there are still parts of communication that will be difficult. But, part of deciding if you should stay together longer is seeing if you can work it out by figuring out how to talk about it!
Ugh I can't deal with all these games, though. If you're with someone for 5 years, shouldn't you be comfortable just talking about this stuff?