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Ann Reardon, who manages “How To Cook That” YouTube Channel, is a baking genius. She is also a dietitian, food scientist, and mum! She has a talent for making her desserts look so simple!

What You'll Need:

- Italian Meringue
- Frosting
- 2 x 20 cm round cakes (you need two because Hello Kitty’s head is bigger than a regular round cake)
- Roll of black licorice or black fondant (for the outline of Hello Kitty’s face)
- Yellow food colouring (to colour the frosting yellow for her little nose)
- 140 g pink or red fondant (for the bow)
- Strawberry jam (optional, or any other filling you like)
- Paper printout of Hello Kitty (to base your cake on)
Making this cake kind of feels like arts & crafts because you will have to cut out the ears, design the kitty’s face, and colour her nose!
Would you like a Hello Kitty cake? Check out our website for more! :-)
You're very welcome :-) @aabxo
Wow! Cute! Neeeed to try this. Thank you for sharing (:
Hello Kitty is the cutest... :-) @danidee
Wow, this was really interesting to watch. I love Hello Kitty!
Hello Kitty is to be enjoyed at all ages ;-) @Sjeanyoon @galinda
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