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BoHo seems to be everywhere I look. Even though my Tiffany Blue wedding theme is still my focus, I love to gather ideas from other styles that I can incorporate into my own wedding. I love DIY projects, so it's a great way to keep the wedding low cost and charming without losing my theme.
I discovered GreenWeddingShoes.com and they shared a fun and easy DIY tutorial on how to turn a cheap plain wedding cake into something so beautiful and low cost:
With your plain white cake already set, all you need is to get the flowers that you want to decorate it with. Stick to silk or artificial flowers to keep the cost low and avoid the problems of real flowers. Also, did you know that some flowers have toxins? EEEEK! Don't mess around with toxins and cake please.
Since my wedding is Tiffany Blue themed, I will probably go with something silvery and white with a blue ribbon or something like that. Maybe add a few rhinestone jewels that look like Aquamarine.
Simply place your flowers and you're done.
With the right cake pedestal, flowers and table, the cake that looks expensive and magazine-ready will have only cost you for a plain white cake from the bakery and some silk flowers that you can find at you local hobby or craft store. Hobby Lobby is the one I go to here in Chicago. They have everything! LIKE LITERALLY, EVERYTHING! <3 <3 <3
When I see pictures like these I always want to run out and copy it. Then reality strikes. But I'd keep this in mind for my sister's wedding and possibly my own.
Great idea. I may have to take some of your cost-saving ideas myself! :)