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Who else is guilty of overthinking every little move you make when you are crushing on someone?? It can't just be me!
It usually goes something like this:
- Oh! Cute boy! Oh he's looking this way.
- There must be something weird on my face. Can I use my phone to check?
- No that won't work I don't want to look like I'm taking a selfie. No. Umm.
- Ok. I'm good. Wait he sat down. Should I stay sitting?
- Should I walk by and give him a chance to say hello?
- Should I say hello?
- What if I fall down?
- What if I sat in something weird and my pants are ruined? Would he notice?
- If he notices does that mean he was looking at my butt?
- etc. etc.
You KNOW what I mean!!! How can we stop overthinking every little move and just say "Hey. I think we might get along. Let's talk sometime."
Sadly, it's just not that easy...
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I am 100000% this person. Every. Single. Time.
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@fallingwater Hey, sometimes we just can't help it!!
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