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Overthinking Everything in Love!
Who else is guilty of overthinking every little move you make when you are crushing on someone?? It can't just be me!
It usually goes something like this:
- Oh! Cute boy! Oh he's looking this way.
- There must be something weird on my face. Can I use my phone to check?
- No that won't work I don't want to look like I'm taking a selfie. No. Umm.
- Ok. I'm good. Wait he sat down. Should I stay sitting?
- Should I walk by and give him a chance to say hello?
- Should I say hello?
- What if I fall down?
- What if I sat in something weird and my pants are ruined? Would he notice?
- If he notices does that mean he was looking at my butt?
- etc. etc.
You KNOW what I mean!!! How can we stop overthinking every little move and just say "Hey. I think we might get along. Let's talk sometime."
Sadly, it's just not that easy...
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I am 100000% this person. Every. Single. Time.
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@fallingwater Hey, sometimes we just can't help it!!
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