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This might as well be the real deal (ok, with less special effects and less martial arts, but still!!!) I love seeing full cosplay groups, especially when they're from a series that I love (aka Power Rangers!!) and I thought this video was a fun mix of showing off their con experience (tons of attention!) and also showing off their cosplays and personalities to match.
I'm still praying I can someday do a Sailor Moon group and get an awesome video like this together too XD
What would you wanna group cosplay?
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Cool! (Though, I have to say, their tricks and fighting were a little lack-luster).
Yeah....not the power rangers of my childhoood hahah sorry
@amog32 @timeturnerjones Ok obviously they're not perfect butttttt still pretty cool!!!
@somnia I'll give them credit for getting the colors right :P