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Matted Orange

Remember the orange tango commercial from the 90s? This orange hue is the perfect pool party color. The bright and cherry vibe put a spring in your step! There are many orange undertone shadows out there but my favorite is coral with a little pink undertone.

Earthy Brown

A subtle warm and undertone and satin finish brown is the ideal night out shadow for Spring. It is romantic, mysterious, edgy and goes well with any evening wear.

Golden Shimmer

Add a little shimmer to your mundane life. A golden shimmer shadow is suitable for day-time affairs. Yes, this includes setting foot in the office. Go for a peachy, champagne color and a metallic finish to brighten up your eyes.

Matte Lilac

The pale purple is a popular color this season. You've seen it on the runway and it's time to adapt this look to your own makeup routine. Skip the dramatic style and go for a fresh-face beauty with one shadow.
I recently purchased a coral eye shadow from mac and I've been using it everyday. Try creating a duo effect with a cotton candy pink shadow for a romantic spring look.
The lilac for sure
The golden shimmer would look perfect with sun-kissed skin.
I love orange-tinted eye makeup and lipgloss. It looks great with a little tan.
Gold shimmer for me. I realize my makeup collection only consist of neutral colors (brown, peach, gold black).
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