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The natural makeup look is another popular request among brides. The concept is suppose to depict the purity of wedding and display a fresh-face beauty. This look is usually created by using soft tones on the eyes, just accentuating them a bit with lashes and thin eyeliner and using shades of pink on the cheeks and lips that match the bride’s natural pink tones.

The Great Awakening

Most brides-to-be have a difficult time sleeping the night before the big day. The best way to hide that is to create a well-rested look. Eye makeup should give the eyes as much liveliness as possible. A white liner to brighten the eyes and cream blush to cheeks and lips is a simple formula to look beautifully awake.

The Earth Tone

The best part of having an outdoor wedding is you get all the natural light hitting your face. Which means your wedding photos will come out looking great. For a natural makeup under the sun focus on a subtle shadow liner and a pink shade that matches your skin tone.

The Bronze Beauty

A trendy look for a beach wedding and it also compliments tan-skin beauty. The trick is using a bronze shade for the eyes, cheeks and lips to create a monochromatic bombshell effect.
Which natural makeup is your favorite?
I love the Great Awakening one. It's definitely a made up look, but still so natural looking.
I love the earth tone look!
The Great Awakening Photo-- Her skin is not just flawless, it's luminescent! Need this look daily
The hairstyles are also great. Not just the makeup. I put these in two of my collections. One for hair and the other for makeup.
I think that this works if you have a light or fair complexion. But if you're olive or dark like me, then this may not be the best look. Are there looks like this for darker skinned like me? @ModernRomance ty
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