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Are you sleep deprived?

Maybe you are, and you don’t even realize it!
A good night’s sleep prepares your body for the following day – the brain sorts and stores information, immune system stays strong, growth hormones are secreted, and so on. Of course, there are so many reasons why you need sleep. The amount of sleep one needs varies on age and lifestyle. Typically adults need 7~8 hours of sleep.
Missing a few hours of sleep is okay, it just means you might be tired the next day. But, being chronically sleep deprived has some undesirable side-effects. Some of the more serious ones are obesity, depression, and increase risk of type 2 diabetes.
So, please make sure you get your beauty sleep!!! 0:-)
This little boy fell asleep behind the wheel for 3 minutes! Luckily, it was just a toy car. Make sure this doesn’t happen behind the wheel of a real car!
Utilize your well-tuned time management skills and make time for sleep. But, if it is really not feasible, at least improve the sleep that you do have. Try the following tips!

Tips To Have a Good Night’s Sleep:

- If possible, set a regular bed time and wake-up time
- Take a melatonin supplement before bed (a natural sleep hormone made by your pineal gland)
- Turn off all lights/electronics at least 30 minutes before bed
- Eat your last meal 2-3 hours before bedtime
- Avoid caffeine after noon
- Drink chamomile tea
- Exercise for 30 mins a day
- Increase light exposure during the day (ex. spend time outdoors)
- Your bedroom should be completely dark when you go to sleep
- Make sure your bed is comfortable
- Create a relaxing before-bed ritual (ex. warm bubble bath)
- Make sleep a priority on the weekends
- Eliminate all noise (white noise is okay)
- Stop smoking (nicotine is a stimulant)
- Keep your room at a cool temperature
- Spray your room or pillow with a sleep-inducing scent (lavender, chamomile)
Once your sleep quality (and quantity) is improved, you will decrease the aforementioned health risks, function more efficiently, and feel a lot better both physically and emotionally.
Additionally, if you do not know if you are sleep deprived please check out these 11 Signs You’re Sleep Deprived, from, such as constant hunger or increased irritability that will reveal if you are lacking some needed shut-eye time.
There is a word for that best, deep, wonderful sleep in Korean - honey sleep (꿀잠). Usually one has to be exhausted from a full and long day, and when you finally hit the sheets, lights out! :-) @NixonWoman
Wow, mind reading power?! Do it :-) @sophiamor
How did you know I am about two seconds away from needed a serious nap?! I need to go to bed earlier tonight so I'm not a TOTAL zombie tomorrow
Sounds good ;-) @NixonWoman
A late night cocktail and some honey sleep is all I need.
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