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When we dine at restaurants, we are often amazed by the finesse and beautiful presentation of the dishes which are created by passionate, innovative chefs. For our culinary issue, we have asked 4 gifted chefs from 4 respected restaurants and hotels to share their signature recipe for our readers to try at home. Don’t worry about the techniques being too complicated or the ingredients too obscure; these particular recipes – they assure us – you can make at home in your own kitchens! Chef Felix Budisetiawan of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta Appointed as the new Executive Chef of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta this January, Chef Felix Budisetiawan is ready to bring his fresh innovations to all of the hotel’s culinary operations; the restaurant and lounges, hotel banqueting services, and Bimasena Club. Chef Felix already has 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including leading the kitchens at various hotel and restaurant chains throughout Asia and the USA. For NOW! Jakarta’s food edition, this well respected chef presents one of his latest creations; Seared Baramundi with Mushroom Pesto, Tempe Salsa and Feta Cheese, a western dish with an Indonesian touch. “This dish is quite easy to prepare, the ingredients aren’t difficult to find either and it doesn’t require any sophisticated cooking techniques. The unique thing is that I use tempe as a side salad, taking this traditional Indonesian ‘street’ food to a new level,” explains Chef Felix. Seared Baramundi with Mushroom Pesto, Tempe Salsa and Feta Cheese Crispy Baramundi 1200 gr Baramundi fillet 100 cl canola oil Bali rock salt, to season Black pepper – Pan fry the baramundi until the fish is cooked – For a delicious crispy skin, simply score the skin with a sharp knife and season each side – Pan-fry skin side down over a medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes or until the skin is golden brown, turn and cook for a further 1-2 minutes or until cooked. Tempe salsa 100 gr Fresh tempe, grilled, pulled 50 gr Diced tomato 80 gr mixed peppers, diced 50 cl corn oil 25 cl Lemon juice Salt & black pepper to taste Combine all ingredients, mix well and season. Garnish on top with diced feta cheese. Mushroom pesto 100 gr button mushroom, roasted 30 gr Olive oil 50 gr sweet basil 30 gr cashewnuts, toasted 15 gr sambal oelek Put all ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth, season. Ready to serve.
That pesto sounds out of this world!
I haven't even heard of Baramundi before!
I am a pesto junkie. I admit it. This stuff sounds beyond delicious.
I'm more interested in that salsa ;)