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Watch out floral crowns you've got a sparkly competitor on the rise. Coachella is in approximately five days and hair charms seem to be the cool new way to make your hair stand out from the crowd. I love floral hair adornments but I just can't get my eyes off these tiny sparkles. While the name might initially sound more like something you’d wear to complement your braces, these little gems can actually be worn in a whole bunch of grown-up ways.

How to wear hair charms?

With a flat iron you can easily add the charms on your hair and it'll stay on for the entire day. You can pretty much add these little gems to any hairstyle but my favorites are the following:
(scroll right to see the looks)

Ponytail Braid
Hayden Panettiere started the trend back in 2013 and recently Helena Bonham Carter was seen with these little gems for her Fairy Godmother role on Cinderella live-action film.
Where to get them?
The little charms are popping up in few fashion retailers we're all familiar with. Below is a basic list of where you can find them.
Hair Charmsies (official store) Urban Outfitter Nasty Gal Forever21
N CVS has silver n gold stars n diamonds and the price isn't that bad @ all also has plenty of darling little items.
love the braided one also these hair charmsies can also be found at Free People which is a sister company to Urban Outfitters and American Eagle also carries them.
The little gems almost look like studs on hair. I like the braided style.