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You've probably heard about the piece of reporting published by Rolling Stone in November about an alleged gang rape that happened at a UVA fraternity. After many news sources reported major holes in the story, police in Virginia also said they investigated and could find no proof of the story being true.
Well, they're not the only ones. The Columbia School of Journalism will be releasing a review of all that was wrong with that journalism (and the publishing of it) in a few weeks. The piece will take the spot of the original article, as it is going to be retracted. Retraction doesn't often happen in the world of digital media, but Rolling Stones acceptance of this move probably comes from the incredible amount of backlash they have received for the false story.
What's really shocking about this whole situation, though, is not that. It's that the journalist, fact checkers, and people involved in bringing this story to light aren't getting any further repercussions for their poor job. I understand that people make mistakes, but a mistake about false rape accusations is horrible. We've already been dealing with this happening and causing real rape accusations to be more ignored because people are doubting them. The more false stories that are spread and then exposed, the bigger this problem will become.
Anyways, I'm curious to see what the end result will be.
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@drwhat Yeah, they do. But does that do anything to solve the problem? I'm not convinced. @greggr Where can that change start? Everyone is so aware that there is a problem and yet nothing has been done yet to change it. @Spudsy2061 I couldn't agree more with everything you've said.
Accountability is no longer the norm; we've seen this time and time again. I don't think she should lose her job--everyone makes mistakes. But I do think that a big chance in the overall structure of journalism needs to happen!
I can't believe that journalist isn't being fired. I mean, news anchors get fired for much less, don't they?
@amog32 That's true, usually more of a slap on the wrist and move on. But still its fucking annoying that no one is actually causing any changes
It's really bad. We've all been in the Wal-marts, Targets, or other supermarket store at the checkout register where the "tabloid" magazines hang. Most of it is utter garbage but since they are mostly speculating and presenting themselves as such they get away with it. Standard of journalism is on a rapid rapid decline.