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Calvin Harris looks nothing less than amazing these days. The Emporior Armani model has gone from sloppy DJ to sexy. Why the change, though? It's only recently been confirmed that he's dating Taylor Swift, but his appearance started transforming well before the music duo started holding hands in public.
Honestly, I don't know why any guy would hook up with the new pop princess, given the conveyor belt of chopped up pieces of men...
Whatever, that's their life. It's just hard to believe these pictures are all of the same guy. Wow!
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I used to have the biggest crush on sloppy 'before picture' Calvis Harris, so it's nice to see him getting all bulky and sexy and seeing other people finding him attractive now too!
Don't judge, but i didn't even know who sloppy was before this! lol Why is he with Swift? I love Philip but Calvin can at least glance my way...a smidge.