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Released From Death Row...Now What?
More and more, we're seeing stories about those that have been wrongly imprisoned and put on death row for crimes they didn't commit. They are being retried, proven innocent, and released. Many of these people have spent more than half of their lives in jail, or even in solitary confinement.
What does that mean for them when they make it out?
Andrew Ray Hilton, a 58 year old man, was found guilty for two murders he did not commit in 1985, and he was released last Friday after the ballistics were re-analyzed and the evidence that had damned him didn't stand up to further scrutiny.
But now what?
Does he sue for the injustice? Even if he does, then what? Can he work? How does he explain his situation without people being wary of him? How does he reconnect with family he has only known through letters and short visits for all these years? How does he catch up to the modern world after 30 years behind bars?
I don't have answers to these questions. The difficulty of them just reminds me how much harder we need to fight for a fair justice system that will prevent more cases like this from happening as time goes on!
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