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We all know that comment sections can be the meanest, darkest places on the internet, but there are a few places on this world wide web that remind us that there are good netizens out there. One of those places is the comment sections on HONY photographs.
In case you don't know Humans of New York (HONY), photographer Brandon Stanton travels around New York taking photos of interesting people and sharing their stories with the internet so that we can all comment how inspiring/beautiful/moving it all is.
The responses to his recent post about a young girl named Beyonce had me cracking up! Here are some of the best:

Any one here have an interesting name?

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My name is Kely & I get everything from "Isn't it spelled with 2 L's?" to "Kelly Clarkson" and "Barbie's little sister" & even lately Kelly Kapoor(Had to google that one). I'm a senior in high school, when does it end? D: And don't even get me started on my last name.
@ScarlettPena09 @SakuraBlossom96 I have a pretty common name (Jennifer) but that didn't stop people from calling me Jenny from the Block all through middle school! I feel you guys lol
@galinda I read a book recently with the protagonist's name being Jennifer and they'd bully her and call her "fatiffer" o.o God it sounded awful! To the point where she later changed her name to Jenna as well as her last name (but that was because her mother remarried)
People are so cruel. @sakurablossom96 I think us as women are the hardest on each other too. :(
@darcysdiary I agree!!