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Mad Men will be over before we know it. And I'm kinda devastated that another one of my favorite shows won't be on television. Well, that's what happens when you find a great show and fall in love with it and the characters. Joan Holloway, who is played by the talented Christine Hendricks, is one of those characters you find that just resonates with you. And I can't pinpoint why that is.
Here is a look at some of the great fashion and accessories worn as Joan for Mad Men. Although all the characters were costumed in accurate detail to the era, there is something really wonderful in how Joan's character is put together.
Tell me what looks you just love from the show?
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I wrote this card yesterday because I am obsessed (sort of) with Mad Men and Joan Holloway. This card needs some love... @beywatch @iluvdurian31 @nixonwoman TY! :)