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Grow Your Hair with Pineapple Juice!
Here's a secret to grow beautiful hair. We all know the health benefits of pineapple. It helps relief acne and is a natural immunity booster. Did you know this fruit is not only effective for your skin but it is amazing for hair growth.

Why is pineapple good for hair growth?

The fruit is loaded with vitamin C and the antioxidant helps with body renewal and repair tissues. In addition, the group of vitamin B found in pineapple help reduce hair loss and prevent dehydrate (which is good for hair growth). Lastly, vitamin A is known for keeping your hair healthy and shiny.
So, there you have it! Do you already include pineapple in your diet? How do you consume pineapple?
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@AlexLitz I think it might be too acidic for your hair.
2 years ago·Reply
Wow very useful information!
2 years ago·Reply
Can I put it straight in my hair or add to my conditioner?
2 years ago·Reply
@emmcd1990 u eat it
2 years ago·Reply
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