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Although Luhan’s dispute with SM Entertainment is not yet resolved, he has been active with various filming activities in China. However, a recent commercial released featuring the star has caused a war between netizens due to his alleged changed appearance. Recently, Luhan released a commercial for a milk brand in Mainland China. In the commercial, Luhan can be seen enjoying a box of banana milk, as he poses with various cute expressions. However, as the commercial clip spread to Korea, netizens did not react positively. In particular, many of them commented on Luhan’s appearance, saying, “Luhan was so handsome during his EXO days, who would of thought he would look like this after going back to China,” “China’s way of applying makeup really ruined Luhan,” and “He turned ugly after leaving SM Entertainment.” After Chinese media reported the comments on April 5th, netizens began to defend Luhan, saying, “Luhan didn’t change at all. People are just jealous and envious of him,” “He looks a lot better than the Koreans who have had plastic surgery,” and “Chinese people are naturally good looking, we don’t need to depend on makeup.” SOURCE: What do you guys think? do you think he looks different? Do you like this "new look" on Luhan or do you like his " SM Entertainment look"?
Are you kidding me.... LUHAN. We are talking about LUHAN. This boy is still SO GOODLOOKING! But... I disagree on both sides on how they dealt with the situation though.. The Netizens are just saying he's gotten 'uglier' because they probably still have a grudge for him leaving SM. But the side who said "Chinese people are naturally good looking without makeup" and "he looks better than the Koreans who have had plastic surgery" also shouldn't have said that either. Why are we judging how someone looks...? This is my personal opinion and I hope it doesn't offend anyone!
He looks FINE. Leave Britney I mean Luhan alone!!!
I definitely agree with that statement @StephanieDuong :)
Either way he's still Luhan lol :) I think people need to get a grip! That's my opinion anyway! ^_^
I see watcha did there @danidee lol :)
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