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Sorry for late uploading card! Let's enjoy Ep.6 ;) JW sees a girl and reminds of SY. He runs and catchs her. "What? Who r u?", SY says without recognizing he's JW. JW also think he misunderstood and leaves. HJ gets angry that SY came to South Korea without telling him. JW feels confused and reminds of Young SY. HJ calls JW to ask if his aunt's dying was solved. "How's the situation going? I think I gotta leave home soon, so call me when you visit here.", HJ says. HJ comes in SY's room. "Why you don't ask about aunt at all?" SY says, "I just don't wanna remember of the bad memories when I was young. Now take some sleep." HJ works, investigating HJ's home. He sees a stranger walking around there in CCTV when there was accident to JH's aunt. JW visits her stepmother to ask some questions, investigating about Michell Kim's dying. But she refuses him, "You should've never visited our family. U left like this because of a girl. Don't come here ever." In the meanwhile, JW visits HJ's home for investigating when SY is alone there. "Hey, JW! Han Jung Woo! Here's a bar in home. I think Michelle Kim drank here before she went for swimming.", JW's co-worker calls him. SY hears a name, Jung Woo, and gets surprised. "Jung Woo..Han Jung Woo...", SY says alone. JW also sees she's repeating his name and cries "Who are you? Who the hell are you! Tell me! Call my name once again..! HJ sees it and says "Do you have any business to my fiance?" JW says "Wait a minute. I wanna talk to her.." SY asks "What else you have things to ask me?" JW says "I'm sorry. I had bad manners. Instead, I will show u an interesting thing." He drops a button in a water and says "It rains..or not. It rains..or not." The saying is what JW said to SY when they were young. But she pretends she doesn't know the saying, and HJ stops JW to talk to her anymore. At that night, JW feels sad thinking of SY. He goes to the place where he and SY were caught together when they were young. Next day, the criminals who assulted SY gets released. JW was thinking of catching him to trace, but his co-workers stops him. HJ and SY was driving to home, then he hit a man by accident. The man is the criminal who assulted SY. She recognizes it and gets puzzled. Coming back home, she cries and HJ comforts her. Then the criminal calls to JW. "Do you have girlfriend? There's a girl in yout home, huh?" JW runs to home, worrying about EJ. "SY didn't die. You can't find her if I die. Someone forced me to lie she died. Apologize me if you wanna know.", he hit JW. EJ sees he's hitting JW, "What the hell u doing? Get off..!" And a man calls to HJ. "You've lived hiding, Kang Hyeong Jun. Can you remember me if I say I'm Nam secretary?", the man says. HJ says "I will go there. Wait a minute." At that night, JW is sleeping and taking a rest. His co-workers visited him and says to SY's mom, "I will help JW to find her, so don't worry." But SY's mom says "Why you find her? I'm not waiting for her anymore!" The criminals calls SY. "Hey. U remember me? You guys hit me today. I want you to come here." SY says "Wait a minute." HJ goes to meet Nam secretary. The secretary "I won't tell TJ about you guys. Think how much you gotta pay for it." In the meanwhile, the criminal waits for SY and opens door. Then a stranger suddenly attacks him. On a way SY's coming home, she meets JW. "Would you call my name once again? U look crazy, huh? You just look like a women that I'm looking for. I will quit to find her after today. So call my name once again plz. My name is Han Jung Woo", JW asks. SY calls his name. "Hey, Jung Woo. Han Jung Woo." JW reminds of SY hearing the calling. He turns around thinks she's SY.
I just got caught up on all the episodes I missed. Let me say that it was so emotional. The trauma that separates them (so difficult to watch) and the resounding effects it has on them as adults is engrossing. I think it's really been very good so far and wonderfully acted.
please upload the episode 7 preview soon. thanks
Thank you, njkim!
thank you thank you thank you... ^___^ oh.. now i really want to watch it.
wow.. thank you for this recap....love it...
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