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Good day to all! I made these cute little Piggy Buns for dinner but there were leftovers yum! My kids loved these buns. So did I! (´∀`) ( ^ (●●)-)=☆ ♥Piggys are buns with a Hotdog inside! You can find the recipe below! ♥ Pickle and Orange with Chilli powder ♥ Avocado and a Hard Boiled egg! I hope where ever you are, you have a yummy meal! And as always Thank you for checking out my card! Gigi p.s. I know that a card for the piggys is on here but don't know how to link it Lol!
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@nokcha Thanks hun!
@darcysdiry Thanks girl!
@daidee Thanks for sharing the link! I'm still not sure how to add links Lol!
When you're writing the card and you type like.. "HERE ARE MY PORK BUNS!" you can highlight that sentence and a link option button should pop up. :)
@daindee I'll have to try it on another card next time but many thanks for the info! I can never figure it out Lol!