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Good day to all! I made these cute little Piggy Buns for dinner but there were leftovers yum! My kids loved these buns. So did I! (´∀`) ( ^ (●●)-)=☆ ♥Piggys are buns with a Hotdog inside! You can find the recipe below! ♥ Pickle and Orange with Chilli powder ♥ Avocado and a Hard Boiled egg! I hope where ever you are, you have a yummy meal! And as always Thank you for checking out my card! Gigi p.s. I know that a card for the piggys is on here but don't know how to link it Lol!
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@nokcha Thanks hun!
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@darcysdiry Thanks girl!
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@daidee Thanks for sharing the link! I'm still not sure how to add links Lol!
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When you're writing the card and you type like.. "HERE ARE MY PORK BUNS!" you can highlight that sentence and a link option button should pop up. :)
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@daindee I'll have to try it on another card next time but many thanks for the info! I can never figure it out Lol!
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