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Humans have always wanted to fly, and while we technically achieved the feat over a century ago, we still yearn for what many consider the ultimate feeling of freedom.
The term “paramotor” refers to the propulsive portion of a powered paraglider. The sport of “paramotoring” is thus powered paragliding: you’re still technically gliding, but you’re not just relying on wind currents and drafts.
YouTube user Tucker Gott went paramotoring this past winter. This week, he finally got around to editing this breathtaking video.
Okay, I want one. Where do I sign up?
Wow this looks like a lot of fun! Is it dangerous?
@RobynSecor Just like any other kite sport it can be, but the most dangerous situations you can get yourself into are probably caused by human error
Hmmm, I've seen guys drive these around at the beach. They'd be fun to drive but they are REALLY loud