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U.S. Marine Corps Capt. William Mahoney, AV-8B Harrier aircraft pilot, talks about his experience during a controlled landing after his front landing gear malfunctioned on the aircraft aboard the USS Bataan, at sea, June 7, 2014.
Can you imaging flying a multi-million dollar aircraft, having to land it by dropping 20 feet onto a little platform no more than a few feet wide WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO SEE IT!? Amazing stuff!
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It's amazing how well-trained these pilots are!
It's amazing that he was able to do that. He had a lot of faith in his fellow navy guys
Wow, I wonder how much force it would take for the nose to just bend off
@RobynSecor Seeing that it's a multimillion dollar aircraft that is made to see combat probably a significant amount..
mad skills and some luck