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I have been comparing the size of my thighs to every girl I see since I was in first grade. I was a chubby kid and felt pangs of jealously whenever I saw the effortlessly skinny girls in my classes all through school. Why I grew up thinking a certain body size or shape was better, I may never be certain, but I know that it was no fun.
I was miserable at pool parties, didn't participate in certain school activities, and sure as hell didn't feel comfortable taking pictures. I had a fun childhood but there was always a self conscious voice in the back of my mind.
Thankfully I have grown out of that period and mindset, but I still occasionally compare myself to the women society has deemed "beautiful" for the time being. It's just a habit and I'm sure most of you do it too even subconsciously.
That being said, these women who are not only beautiful, but are talented and quirky, have also been shamed for their bodies (which is much worse than any self-shame a 10 year old can inflict on herself)
Check out these gorgeous women and the names they have been called and remember, there is no one definition of beauty, so it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks about you, right?
(thanks to Women's Health for rounding up these nasty comments and showing that these women are so much more than their bodies and how the media treats them!)


1. Mindy Kaling
2. Demi Lovato
3. Miley Cyrus
4. Chrissy Teigen
5. Christina Aguilera
6. Lady Gaga
7. Lena Dunham


8. Jennifer Lawrence

"Big Thighs"

9. Lena Dunham
10. Kate Upton

"Needs to Lose Some Weight"

11. Jennifer Lopez
12. Michelle Obama

"Slightly Skeletal"

13. Claire Danes
@sophiamor lyk really,in some of de pics here de comments said weren't really necessary 'n 4 some1 lyk me I think z jus hate or culturally cultivated notorious 'PullHerDownSyndrome' dat WE most women hv becoz of fear of de society
yah,if all dis hv been said to dis women.i nw believe dat der z never a perfect comment bt jus WORDS dat randomly said
@mimimogetetsi We need to change our attitude!! It's only making a negative impact on our culture's beauty standards and how we see ourselves.
@mimimogotetsi I think I agree with you haha especially those nasty hollywood reporters whose job it is to say "funny" horrible things about people :/