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I have tried to explain to the outside world, but it feels like I can never get through. Because to them, a field only contains 22 players and a ball.
They don't understand that down there, between white lines on green grass, stories are forming. A 90 minute story, where nations fall and heroes rise. One of the last great battlegrounds of our time.
How could you watch anything else?
Insane picture. I often say football is humanity, it's exactly everything the human body can do in 90 minutes. Others don't get it. They think it's all ticky-tacky and low scoring, but there's such a deeper aspect to it than that. It's the greatest gift humanity gave to the earth.
Arsenal fan @ColinSharpe?
A lot of Arsenal fans in the States.
@GermanBumbleBee And Chelsea fans.
@Spudsy2061 And Everton. Glad there's diversity there.