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We are all eggs, you and I Same hard shell, same internal workings, Yet none live quite the same story. Born into different environments Breed with different purposes. You are all some type of egg

Will you end up in a grocery bag as another ingredient ? Just another speck of what you once were. Simply a small part of an altogether different concoction…. A cake cannot come about without first braking you. No matter how delicious

You are a household egg Will you be laid in the wild? Upon some tree in China, some mountain in Alaska. Fall victim to gravity or end up in the mouth of some snake, yet again only taking the place of nutrients unfit to survive among those whom came before you. You are failure to evolution

Will the boiling water harden you internally,
Transforming everything except your beautiful shell?
Make yourself stronger Will you give birth to turtles who search for the sea Birds who experience the world from above Or snakes who know not what fear is?
Become life itself
It is not your surrounding that define you
Its what you’re made of. We are all eggs, you and I.
Ha! Clever. This made me smile, and think, and smile some more.
The funny thing about being eggs is that eggs are always reborn into something new, no matter which of these outcomes it faces.