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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Baseball is back in our lives and to get in the spirit I found the cutest little DIY to take your hot cocoa to the major leagues.
It’s really simple, just take regular size marshmallows and cut them in half to make 2 disks. (Kitchen scissors work the best)
Dust the cut end of marshmallow in powder sugar. Brush off excess sugar.
Then take a food coloring marker to draw to red curved lines on either side, to resemble a baseball. Repeat drawing on other side.

It’s that easy!

Serve with your favorite hot cocoa and, play ball!
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@Spudsy2061 I feel you, I'm a Padres "fan" (and by fan I mean Petco Park is a nice place to spend the day)
@nokcha Is a nice stadium there Petco. Citizens Bank is very nice too but the prices these days. Gone are the $20 seats sadly.
OMG food coloring markers are the BEST
I wasn't expecting those marshmallows to be made so easily. HOW CUTE. And @nokcha I love going to Petco Park! Opening day is really soon, so I can't wait to catch some games with the new Padres lineup. The team looks awesome this year.
I love hot chocolate. And Spring is not too late. It's still FREEZING