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Golden Eye Makeup Tutorial

To start off I wet my eyeshadow brush and put a sparkly white on my lid. I then took a fluffy blending brush and blended a dark chocolate brown on the outer lid and into my crease. I took the damp brush I had used before and put a sparkly gold onto my lid I then took the dark chocolate brown again and blended it in with the gold I then took black and blended into my crease For my brow bone I used a sparkly beige and then added it to the inner corner of my eye for a highlight I then took a black eye pencil and did my winged eyeliner and my lower lashline but stopped about halfway for the lower lashline For my water line I used a gold eye kohl eyeliner. Then I just added mascara !
thanks !
Thankyou :))
Damn girl, you got your cat eye on fleek.
Your cat eyes always come out perfectly.
I love the gold gradient effect near the outer corner!
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