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"Forever and always." That pretty much sums up the charm and authenticity of bride and groom, Massiel and Nicholas' wedding. From Massiel's interview with A Practical Wedding, she and Nicholas got to a point in the planning process where they threw caution to the wind. Nixing the drama that comes from putting a wedding together, they opted to skip the status-quo and forgo the second-guessing by only doing and incorporating their "favorite things," which is a nod to Oprah.
I love the eclectic vibe of the wedding. From her sparkly sequin dress and statement cape to the choice of single tier cakes in a small variety of flavors. You can read the full article here, where Massiel goes on to give her point of view about the most important thing about the wedding. Gather West was the photographer and the venue was Pico House at El Pueblo Historical Monument in Los Angeles.
i really like the style of this wedding. it's really cute and fun
Her shoes and cape are my style. The wedding looks great too