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Coachella is meant to be an awesome festival with a line up filled with the most innovative, fun, and stunning performances of the year. They brought Tupac back from the dead!! Coachella can do anything!!
That being said, Coachella also has the tendency to bring out my least favorite kind of people: the festival hipsters. Here's how to spot them:

1. They've "Heard of" Every Band on the Line Up

2. They're in a Ton of Floral

3. Or Wearing Traditional Native American Attire (why?!)

4. They're Instagramming, Vine-ing, and Snap Chatting the Entire Weekend

5. They Probably Asked "Who's Tupac?"

My advice:

Pay attention to the music, the sunscreen, and how much water you're drinking and that's it! Just have fun with your friends listening to the best music in the world and stop caring about whether or not you're pulling off your new look.
@madradd I didn't mean anyone wearing floral haha! I am just so overwhelmed by the floral on floral with the flower crowns (that seem to get bigger every year?!) and @marshalledgar as far as headdresses go, those are tied to a specific culture. If you were ative american you could probably identify which head dress belongs to your tribe and seeing it on a random concert goer who is clearly wearing it because they think it looks cool might be pretty insulting. When your culture has been oppressed, you have a right to want to protect it (which is why so many people are pissed that Iggy is encroaching on black american culture, etc) Someone burning the American flag shouldn't piss you off as much because your culture has never been shut down by anyone else. We're one of the most privileged nations in the world and have stepped on a lot of toes, who cares if someone hurts our feelings every once in a while?
I don't think y'all should get over your head about floral patterns and flower crowns. its not your problem how other people dress. if its not hurting anyone they can wear what they want. music festival snobs these days smh (tho I do agree that its wrong whenever people wear native american headdresses when its not even their culture)
@EdenMMercedes That's awesome! I live closer to LA so the drive is EVVVVVILLLLLLL
LOVE COACHELLA. It's my hometown
There is absolutely no reason I can think of as to why I am not going this year. I said the same thing last year and the year before. What's my problem? Oh yeah...the drive. Can't be bothered with all that beep-and-creep business on the freeway.
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