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Another awesome thru-hike video. These guys went 2,185.9 miles from Georgia to Maine during 2013. It took them 5 months. 5 months!!! Some people just don't realize how long a thru-hike really takes, you know? Sure, it takes a lot of time, but look at all the experiences you get to have. Look at all the beautiful parts of the world you get to take a look at. Look at all the fun!!! I love this kind of thru-hike video because it really shows what it's like to be on the trail: fun, but not just an easy walk in the park, either.
These guys did a great job: here's their blog!
@yakwithalan Yeah come to think of it he kind of does look happier afterwards XD
Man, does he look happier after he's done or hwat!
Cool editing on this one. Better music than so many others lol.