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Who doesn't love a good blackberry? Growing up in the eastern USA, these were a staple of my childhood spent roaming in the woods. Sure, the spiky plants weren't my favorite thing to climb through, but the piles and piles of blackberries I could eat and gather made for great snacks and even better pies.
WHAT: Blackberries!
Yum yum yum!! Who doesn't love a good blackberry? They are solid to the stem (unlike Raspberries or Black Raspberries, which are kind of hollow) and they don't have any poisonous look a like berries. If you've really never seen one, try looking at them at your local store so you know what they look like!
Found across the eastern United States and the coastal west. Their plants have three compound leaves that are oval-shaped and toothed along the edges. The wild plants are very thorny (cultivated varieties can be thornless) and usually grow in brambles. Berries are especially common at the edge of wooded areas.
The berries ripen in May or June in warmer climates, and July in cooler climates, and can be picked over several weeks.
You'll know its ripe when it's a nice, even black. Red or white fruits will be sour and gross! They don't ripen after you pick them like some berries and fruits, so make sure to only pick the ripe ones. The berries that are ripe will pull off really easily without any tugging.
Yeah I luv many types of berries . Blackberries have anthocyanin.
I never had blackberries anywhere near me when I grew up; I don't think I knew they really grew wild in the US outside of movies until I was much older haha
@happyrock @danidee I think I'm just paranoid about wild berries in general so I assuem they're all poisonous ;) Maybe I'll have to take you with me on my next trail run so you can show me in-person which ones I can eat lol!
@jyann70 Is anthocyanin good for you?
@nokcha @danidee Really? I've always been told blackberries are one of the safest because there are no poisonous berries that really look like their ripe form. There are similar berries, but they're only poisonous when eaten unripe I think. There's like...pokeweed but it grows on trees not bushes, and it's not the shape or texture of a blackberry! But maybe that's just my area. We have mulberry which look like blackberry, too, but those are edible.
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