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Etsy Your Wedding Like This For $9,000
San Francisco is one of THEEEEE MOST expensive places to live in the US. Exchanging vows in this fabulous city looks like a debt awakening! But according to Ryan and Melanie, a wedding can be done on the cheap. They spent exactly $9,000 for both the ceremony and reception. They shared their story and pictures with A Practical Wedding, which you can read in detail here.
Are you not in the least bit jealous of this Etsy-wedding couple? Gorgeous San Fran sunset wedding pics...their focus on local patronage...their illusion budget! Like how is that even possible. Oh, and the Summer Solstice sunset...GAGGING! You know you're super jelly reading about this and looking at the pics. Don't lie!
Leave your comments below. What are your thoughts on asking your friends and relatives to bring their favorite desserts to the wedding instead of serving a traditional wedding cake? Tell me!
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yeah, i love the cake topper too. I think the bride and groom look like they were having the time of their lives. That's the kind of bliss I wish for all couples on their wedding day and for all the days thereafter.