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There's nothing worse than popping off your dirty hiking shoes and having to toss them in your trunk, knowing you're going to have to clean up that mess later. Which is why I love this idea! Make an easy DIY box to put in the back of your car to store dirty shoes. You can customize this one so easily. And use it in your garage or entryway if it suits you.
Here's the overall step-by-step in less than one minute thanks to this DIY blog. Now, let's break it down.
1. Cut out some big pieces of thick cardboard (as pictured on the right) to make up the front, sides, back and bottom of your box. How big you want the box to be is totally up to you--just measure what will fit in your car and go from there.
2. Once you've gathered you 5 big pieces of cardboard (2 sides the same size, one back, and 3 piece the same size for top, shelf and bottom) make some small "tabs" like these and super glue then onto the sides. The three small ones will be used to secure the sides to the top. The bigger middle pieces will be used to make a shelf and attach to the bottom.
3. Use your favorite brand of super glue as well as some vices to make sure you really got that tight hold! You can even double layer your super glue if you want. After attaching all the little cardboard tabs, use them to put the whole thing together.
4. It should like like this once you get it all together. Just slide the shelf in, or you can super glue it in as well. Let the glue dry!
5. In the meantime, take a big shoe box (or the box for those shoes you plan on storing there) and reinforce the corners as shown above.
6. Cover the reinforced shoe box with something that is waterproof so the box won't get ruined if you put wet or damp shoes in it.
7. Put it all together! Ta da!
@TrevorGoldley @marshalledgar Don't worry. Mine ain't that clean. @happyrock Good luck.
My trunk would still be messy b/c of the dog...
These are going to end up in every entryway to my place to keep it clean. Great idea!!
Im not a hiker and this trunk is cleaner than mine! :(