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Remember when I posted about El Camino del Ray, the really dangerous trail in Spain that had been closed because of some deaths on the trail? (Though there were still hikers who attempted it secretly!)
Well, it's finally reopened! Sort of. A new trail has reopened in place of/around the old trial which is much, much safer! The walkway just reopened last week after being closed for 15 years and undergoing almost $2.5 million worth of renovations!! The trail is still about 5 miles and will take up to 5 hours to complete. And, it's still got some dizzying, scary parts!! But, you won't be risking your life on it anymore, even if it'll scare you!
@fallingwater Yeah it did look pretttttty sketchy before, ha!
Looks sick!!! I wanna go!
Can honestly say I wasn't tempted by the old trail (can you say dangerous?) but this one looks pretty good!
Some of the thrill might be gone, but now I"m willing to try it I think!