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A minor diversion from a wedding tradition is one thing, but what about throwing out the book and just turning the nuptials into a House Party?!--complete with design-your-own margaritas! This card goes out to brides that want "fun and fresh" to define their wedding. And since margaritas are at the forefront of this celebration, I just have to make this a tribute card to event guru, @NixonWoman from Miami! Woot! Woot!
One of my favorite sites for real weddings and inspiration is A Practical Wedding. You can check it out here and read the entire article about how this bride and groom got married their way--complete with crowns, tacos, nap time and THAT GOLD DRESS!
I have no clue who this couple is personally, but I'd love to meet them face to face!
For everyone wondering, the vintage gold dress was purchased from a resale shop in the Haight area. Regrettably, the store is no longer open. :(..
You know I just want to point out that even though the tables look lackluster for the reception, it's still better than having over-produced centerpieces that get in the way of the fun and conversation.
the pies! What a fabulous idea!
the light bulbs in the ceiling of the church look terrific. There's something really magical about that feature.