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Once upon a time a good friend of mine got a pretty cool tattoo on her arm. Problem is, it's also pretty large. Now that she wants to cosplay to "sweet" Yuna from FFX, she's kind of freaking out about hiding it. I told her it wouldn't be that hard and did some research!!

Check out How to Cover Tattoos, Bruises and Birthmarks in the video below!!

As far as makeup goes, I've heard the most good things about Dermablend (haven't personally used it but it will definitely cover) and Kat von D's lock-it tattoo foundation (will likely cover because it's supposedly formulated to cover tattoos, but I've never tried it for anything besides on my face as regular foundation. I had some people say if your tattoo is really dark you'll still be able to see it, but I guess it depends on your skin.)
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Seems like it takes a lot of layers to get this covered, but overall pretty effective. I wonder how ewll it would work on a whole sleeve of tattoos.
This might be overkill but could this work on like....dark cirlces? hahhahaha
Awesome!!! I don't have any tattoos but honestly this could be useful just for bad acne/under eye bags/etc!