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Yes, and yes, this wedding got its life and vision through a ModCloth dress that got the DIY treatment and a little help from mom. You are going to love this Real Wedding that shows off just how much fun you can have by keeping the plans simple. Kate and David's wedding is not at all mainstream and completely their own, which is what makes weddings so charming.
For all the complete details and even more pics, you can find them on A Practical Wedding, which is one of my new and favorite wedding sites that practice DIY and preach having fun!
It's the personal styling and details of these small weddings that I really like a lot.
She did a good job with that dress. I'd change the lace top and keep the skirt. Really beautiful
The cake and robots is such a cute idea
I love her choice in navy blue for a wedding dress. Such a bold statement. It's so unique. I get so excited when I see unexpected things (for good) at weddings. It tells me that couples are embracing their own unique style.