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Playlist List:

GD ft. CL- R.O.D
Super Junior- This Is Love
Beast- Midnight
BTS- Spine Breaker
F(x)- Nu Abo
K.Will- Don't Know Love
Exo-K- Call Me Baby
2NE1- Come Back Home
• Girls' Day- Hug Me Once
• BIGBANG- Bad Boy

• GD ft. CL- R.O.D

I adore them both! GD in particular. He is such a great performer. He owns the stage <3

• Super Junior- This Is Love

SUJU! I could watch videos of them all day (: They are so darn charming.

• Beast- Midnight

So, unfortunately the Japanese version was used for the mv. Lol But someone kindly swapped the audio to make a Korean version mv <3 Which do you prefer?
*Attached both versions

• BTS- Spine Breaker

Love it. Love it. Love it. What is your favorite BTS song?

• F(x)- Nu Abo

I love Amber's hair in this mv (styled up)!

• K.Will- Don't Know Love

I hope to one day meet this man with the luscious voice. Or as Myungsoo would call him "Fake BigBang" Lmao

• Exo-K- Call Me Baby

Of course I had to include Call Me Baby! (;

• 2NE1- Come Back Home

I love this video. Dara is so cute lol

• Girls' Day- Hug Me Once

I realized that I don't really listen to girl groups. Lol who do you guys recommend I start listening to?

• BIGBANG- Bad Boy

Of course I saved the best for last.. lol I loveeeeee TOP in this MV. I love all of their looks. Their stylist needs a freakin' raise. Jesus. My thirst, you guys.
I'll stop.
Call Me Baby has been on repeat since it came out, I CANT STOP
I've officially become addicted to Exo's EXOdus album
I LOVE Beast's Midnight!!! One of my favorite songs from them! I have the Korean version on my phone but I have to admit that the Japanese version sounds really good too. And that's not usually the case for me.. BTS Spinebreaker is SOO good. And I don't really know what my favorite BTS is... They have too many songs to choose from!! And my geez. Call Me Baby is SO GOOD! I was super late on watching the M/V... but EXO is coming back strong! Love it!
@StephanieDuong Yeah, I guess it was a mistake to ask for a favorite BTS song XD @shashae5296 I'm slowly getting there. Lol
@jiggzy19 The Japanese version is pretty good. (; & I do listen to EXID, AOA, 4Minute, 2NE1, Sistar, & T-ara! I'll check out the rest (: Thank you <3
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