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It's got to be such a relief to have a beautiful, thoughtful wedding and NOT go nuts in the process and still have a lovely event! Kaitlyn and Nick's Vancouver nuptials were chock-full of joy, tears, a pooch, croque-en-bouche, a pinata, and LOVE!
You've got to see this backyard Calgary wedding! With the aforementioned, you can almost feel the sentiment, it's palpable. I am really loving the series of real weddings as featured on A Practical Wedding. Their website contains all the tools and inspiration to navigate the process of having your wedding, your way without going broke. You can read the full article here.
added this to my boho chic collection. It's really great to see young couples putting low budget weddings together that look great and it's obvious how much fun they are having. I have seen happier brides and grooms doing weddings like this than I have seen doing million-dollar weddings. Not all, of course, but some.
I have to have a dog in the wedding with me. THat is just way too cute!
This wedding really touched me. something about the couple and the pictures. I just felt like they are such a sweet couple. :)