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If you've been browsing the web for street fashion inspiration you'll notice layering necklace is quite popular among fashion bloggers. When it comes to necklaces we can disregard the "less is more" theory. Initially, layering necklaces throws me in a loop but it's actually super fun and simple. The trick is playing with different pendants and length.
For a modern and sophisticated look go for a graduated effect. Delicate shorter pieces with slightly chunkier pieces (left image). You can also create a collar effect with chunkier pieces that rest on top of each other (right image).
For a bohemian and urban look try layering with coin necklaces, tassel necklaces and statement pendants. Again play with the length and texture.
What do you think? Do you like layering necklaces or do you prefer single necklace?
@NixonWoman I would like to see your jewelry collection. haha
I love chunky jewelry. It feels so good on. Glad I'm a trendsetter. lol
It's a cool style but I could never wear long necklaces or more than one necklaces. It feels too bulky for me.
It's "intense" according to Winston. But I love my jewels. My first collection of rubies were a gift from him and they were certified from mines in Burma. Thanks @madeleine