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It's been an interesting week for more info about government surveillance coming out, and also for former National Security Association contractor Edward Snowden, the man responsible for accessing and releasing tons of government documents regarding surveillance of civilians (not the Wikileaks guy, the other one).
Three guerrilla artists put up a bust of him in Central Park (though, it's now been taken down by the New York Police). The classical bust of Snowden early Monday morning on top of a column that forms part of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn.
Snowden just featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Sunday after a peer review found that over half of Americans say they're not concerned about government surveillance. Which would be fine, if people even knew what they're dealing with or what they're up against. But most people have no idea.
It's a hilarious episode, and it really gives some great insight into why we need to care more about government surveillance.
I think Snowden said it best when he said the following:
“You shouldn’t change your behavior because a government agency somewhere is doing the wrong thing. If we sacrifice our values because we’re afraid, we don’t care about those values very much."
When will we seriously talk about the issue of the Patriot Act, Act 215 as a society and actually take some action against government surveillance?
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@drwhat still like I said though overall not bad.
@drwhat I guess so, but I feel like treating the American public like they only care about issues when it has to do with their genitals also makes them feel like no one expects them to care, which just leads them to really not care....there are better ways.
@amog32 Haha I kind of like John Oliver's way of talking, like he makes it at the level that the general public actually gets, and if we are the ones going "wtf is wrong with him" we also should be the ones to realize that the general public isn't informed. At all. Seriously.
While I was kind of really annoyed with that John Oliver interview at first (I just don't like how much he jokes), he actually does do a great job of bringing it down to a level that most Americans will actually understand and listen to. We don't want to talk about military secrets (even if we are curious) we want to know how our daily lives are being effected.