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You're probably thinking this is a silly question but trust me how you dry your face can make a difference to your complexion. Here's what you need to know:

Towel dry

Never ever use the same towel for more than a day or two. Each use will leave the towel dirtier than the last time because you are picking up dead skin and residue from the cleanse. Also, hanging the towel can breed bacteria (this may be the reason you're getting acne).
Never rub but pat dry. Rubbing can irritate your delicate skin and can contribute to wrinkle development.

Air Drying

If you have the time this is the best method to avoid any unwanted bacteria on your skin.
How to air dry?
After rinsing skin, pat off the excess water using your hands. Then let it dry naturally. I usually spray on toner when my face is still moist to really let the ingredients sink in.

Blow Drying

This probably sounds funny but if you're in a rush this is the second best method to get through your skin care routine in a matter of minutes. Make sure you're using "cool air" to dry your face, otherwise you'll just end up dry skin.
Tip: you can also use this method to dry your moisturizer faster!
I actually unintentionally blow dry my face when I give my hair a blowout. Of course, I apply moisturizer to prevent my skin to dry out.
This probably explains why I get occasional breakouts. I use the the same towel to dry my face for a week.
I can't stand to have my face wet. I am super guilty of drying my face the wrong way
That's a lot of towels to change wash. I'm converting to the air drying method.
@AvocadoLove That was the reason why I switched to air drying my face. It makes a difference!
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