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When I stumbled upon the "ring warming ceremony" idea I actually had never heard of it and was really intrigued. I kept reading about it and was *THIS CLOSE* to sobbing because my heart was so touched by the idea. Have you heard of it? Would you implement it into your wedding ceremony? It's not even a question in my mind because I am DEFINITELY going to have this.
The concept is really sweet. You simply have the rings passed from guest to guest. As the rings are held onto, each guest says a silent prayer or makes a wish for the bride and groom for a happy, long and prosperous marriage. The rings are then exchanged during the vows.
Warming the rings can be done a variety of ways. Attached loose on a string, ushers flank each aisle allowing guests to pass the rings to another on the string (so the rings don't get lost).
Another thought is to have the rings attached to a pillow in a box or some container that would be appropriate for the wedding.
Other brides have opted to have the rings on display as guests enter the chapel or ceremony. Guests are ushered to their seats, but not before they pass the rings to warm them with their hands offering a blessing. The rings are then brought up to the best man for safe-keeping.
This is a new tradition I could never get tired of seeing.
on my list of things to do for my sister's wedding
My mom and I are super excited to be doing this for my wedding.
Yes. I've seen this. Really nice.