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A new law passed in France that has banned super skinny models from runways and modeling gigs.
The law also made it illegal to condone anorexia and said any retouched photo of a model for commercial use must come with a message that says it has been altered. Once the law is enforced, models will have to present a doctor’s note that says they have a BMI of at least 18 before being hired for a job, as well as for a few weeks afterward.
So what does this mean?
It means that the trend of super skinny models is out and more average sized women will soon be in. The French government wants models to be of a healthy body mass index so that women no longer feel like extremely thin = beautiful. Sure, we'll still have skinny, gorgeous women on every billboard telling us how we should look, but at least this is a step in the right direction.
What I do wonder though is what happens to the naturally rail-thin girls? I know plenty of women who are just naturally thin and often fall under the suggested 18+ BMI even though they eat healthy and exercise. I wonder how lenient the French will be, considering BMI does not constitute overall health.
@missophiestik good point--it's interesting how like sometimes its big hips that are in fashion, sometimes big butts, sometimes tiny everything! It'll keep changing forever
this post makes me so happy! embrace true beauty and have realistic healthy goals!
How did being skinny considered beautiful started? This is just something that began and now is starting to cease.
The beauty and fashion industry is to blame. Shame on them. Sad that they couldn't self-regulate. But that's what happens when you hate the natural beauty of a woman.
I don't really think there's a way to do this that's going to please everyone so they might as well just give it a try.
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