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Beauty comes with a cost. Getting a haircut at a salon can range from $20-$70 and that does not include the gas spent to get to the destination. Some of us are willing to splurge but most of us don't think it's practical to get a haircut by the professional. If you fall in the latter category you probably tried trimming your own hair at home. To make things easier for you below are video tutorials that'll guide you through differeny types of haircuts.

General hair cut and trimming

Cutting and trimming bangs

Layering your hair

Maintaining straight blunt bangs

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That's NOT how you cut hair it cuts it but that just thins out your hair that's it and your hair is uneven so plz DON'T try this if you don't want your hair to be uneven I'm a hair stylist
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also make sure you have a specific razor to cut your hair cuz a shaving razor can damage your hair
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@rublimon that's good to know.
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