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as I sit with her
As I sit with her,
silently, close by,
I ask for an answer,
beg the question why.
But I know it already,
we all really do.
I marvel at her steady,
her will to continue.
She just goes about
the duties of the day.
Her body all worn-out,
but a happy price to pay.
There are glimpses I get,
of the joys in her life,
as she writes this vignette,
shadows of an afterlife.
Doing familiar things
that she’s done before.
Oh the smiles that it brings,
‘Let me do it some more’.
And it became somewhat clearer
that as below, so too above.
The final silence that draws nearer
is made meaningful with love.
Thank you greggr for sharing - yes Annie is painfree - thanks to a fennal patches that I administer to her. I have gone through this many times before and this patch is a blessing. with love - Rich
If you don't mind me sharing, I had a dog once that spent many, many months moving towards that light. She never showed any signs of pain beyond the stiffness of old age; and for that I was always thankful. I hope your girl can do the same.
Thank you so much timeturnerjones - a blessing is that she is kept pain free.
Really touching; it's hard to see any situation like this transpire, but it makes me happy to know that she is going with a steady, strong gaze....