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1.Sehun was walking down the street, eating ddukbokki, when he was street casted. 2.When it was Sehun’s turn for a photo shoot, the members stood in a line and watched him. Sehun told them “Hyungs, go away!”. source: thestar 3.Sehun likes chocolate flavored bubble tea. source: EXO K's Fanboard 4.Sehun cried while watching the sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick”. source: Newsen 5.One action that a noona does that makes him the most happiest is calling his name. source:Hong Jin Kyung's 2pm Radio; trans cr: kw0ngoon 6.Sehun is the most difficult member to control. source: Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time; trans cr: boonyi91 7.Sehun describes himself as a “white puppy”. Because Sehun is cute and has pale skin, fans say he resembles a white puppy. source: The Star; trans cr: Eunmi24 8.Sehun does not like it when he is called cute. He wants to hear that he is handsome. source: joynews 9.Sehun likes to use banmal (informal language) with the hyungs in a cute way. source: Joo Young Hoon's 2PM Date; trans cr: boonyi91 10.Sehun wants noona fans to stop calling him oppa. source: joynews24 11.The most satisfying nickname given by fans for Sehun is “Oh Mi Ja”, which means underage kid. source: ETN News; trans cr: boonyi91 12.Ever since he was young, he really liked Chinese action films. source: EXO's Beijing Press Conference; trans cr: tianmirisu 13.Sehun likes noona fans because they call him like "seeeehuuuunnaaaa....." 14.When someone from SM approached Sehun, asking for an audition, Sehun thought she was strange. Because Sehun was too little and too scared at the time, he ran away from her for 30 minutes, but she kept chasing him. source: Top Chinese Music Interview; trans cr: WISHeeStar 15.Sehun does not like spicy ddukbokki. source: exo-k’s official website; trans cr: emilie @ exok-trans
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Bae is really really fantabulous and I madly crazily in love with him <3