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The greatest swearing of all time- Richard Hammond on a bike!
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I am going to issue this warning now: This video contains a lot of swearing. Not just a few choice words that you may not want others in the office around you to hear but a LOT of swearing – more like more actual swear words than not swear words.
So what is he swearing about? Well, it’s because he’s on a bike. On the road. And gets all cut off by a van driver. I am pretty sure that no matter what your attitude is to swearing, if you’ve ridden a bike on the road you will have some empathy with him in this clip.
But if you are also like me you will admire the instant, heartfelt poetry of the string of words he emotionally but meaningfully lines up at the very moment they are needed. It’s just so satisfying to hear. The British really are on another level of swearing.
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