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1.Chanyeol’s sleeping habits includes loud sniffling before he sleeps and loud breathing. 2.People around Chanyeol call him “National Good Teeth”. 3.Chanyeol’s ideal type is someone who smiles a lot and who is sincere. 4.Out of all the members, Chanyeol has the largest feet. His shoe size is 280 mm. source: Joo Young Hoon's 2pm Date; trans cr: boonyi91 5.Chanyeol fell in love with the drums after watching “School of Rock”. source: OhMyNews 6.Chanyeol takes care of his teeth by brushing his teeth three times for about three minutes after he eats. source: EXO K's Fanboard 7.According to Chanyeol, he types the fastest out of all the members. source: EXO-K's Fanboard 8.Chanyeol thought dancing was the hardest thing to learn as a trainee because he is tall and his body isn’t flexible. source: Oh My News; trans cr: emilie @ exok-trans 9.Chanyeol once broke his tooth eating chicken. He bit on the fork and chopstick. source: joynews 10.When Chanyeol was younger, his complex was his ears. Because of his ears, Chanyeol was made fun of alot. source: joynews 11.If Chanyeol could change his looks with anyone, Chanyeol would not change his lovely looks with anyone. source: The Star 12.If given the opportunity, Chanyeol would like to promote in a unit band. source: The Daily Focus 13.When Chanyeol is tired, Chanyeol sometimes takes a walk by himself, listening to music. It helps clear his mind, and his mood gets better. source: seanymph1122; translation cr: emilie @ exok-trans 14.One unforgettable fan sign moment for Chanyeol was when a fan wore a mask with their faces on it. Chanyeol was so shocked that it was hard to get his heart rate back to normal. 15.Chanyeol thinks he can capture a girl’s heart with his deep voice. source: The Star Interview; trans cr: eunmi24 16.Even though Baekhyun joined the latest, it only took Chanyeol one day to become close to Baekhyun source: JoyNews 17.Chanyeol wants to appear on SBS’s “Running Man”. source: Younha's Starry Night Radio; trans cr: boonyi91